Club Awards

The annual summer dinner provides the club with an ideal opportunity to celebrate our achievements.

Club Championship

This is an ongoing competition between club members and is assessed annually. 

The 2019-20 club championship was curtailed with the last few races being cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation and results were based on the races undertaken up to March 2020. The mens championship was won by Paul Sharples and the ladies championship was won by Becky Mullen, with Andrea Lyons taking her age category of over 55s. Congratulations to you all! 

Qualifying Rules

The rules and race selection for our 2020-21 club championship will be announced when the length of disruption we're facing becomes clearer and events are able to go ahead. 

  1. Competition commences 1st May and runs for 12 months to 30th April the following year.
  2. Competitors must run a minimum of seven accurately timed races (or events). The seven may be chosen from the following list, plus any other three race of their own choice (wildcard races). 
  3. The total distance of the chosen races/events must be a minimum of 50 miles.
  4. At least one event must be a minimum of ten miles and all others must be at least six miles.
  5. Competitors must retain clear records of their races/events detailing event title, date, distance and time taken to complete.
  6. On qualification for the competition, race/event details are to be given to the Membership Secretary no later than 31st May (following the end of the competition year).  
  7. Overall results will be decided by total time taken in minutes divided by miles covered.  For example 337 minutes / 50.1 miles = 7.31 minutes per mile.
  8. Prizes will be awarded to Open and Veteran categories.  Entries to be submitted against the age range applicable to the competitor’s age on 1st May of the qualifying year.
Race No Date Race

It is expected that all members deal with their race records in a true and fitting manner as befits HRRAC.

Long Membership Awards

We have many members who once they join up run with the club for many years. We recognise these individuals with long membership awards for 10, 20 and 30 years at our annual summer dinner with an engraved tankard (or other appropriate glass!).

In 2016 Stewart Flatt and Gordon Mitchell received 30 year long service awards and Andrea Lyons a 20 year award, photo below showing the proud recipients putting their engraved tankards and glasses to good use! 

Other long service awards presented in recent years are:

Year Presented to
2019 Dave Ladocha (10 years) Becky Mullen (10 years)
2016 Stewart Flatt (30 years) Gordon Mitchell (20 years) Andrea Lyons (20 years)
2015 Terry Hyland (20 years)
2013 Peter Roebuck (30 years) Mick Booth (20 years)


Social Activities

We don’t just run together, we also get together for social events. There are two club dinners each year which are open to all runners and their partners; one during the summer where the club awards are presented and of course a Christmas do. We also arrange occasional club trips to races.

Want to join?

Prospective members are invited to come and run with us on a 'try it and see basis' for a few weeks before making the decision to join as a member. If you decide Huddersfield Road Runners is for you, there is an annual membership fee of £40 payable in June. Find out more

The Huddersfield 10K

The Huddersfield 10k

The 2021 Huddersfield 10K planned for Sunday 28th February has been cancelled and the next Huddersfield 10k will take place in February 2022.